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The trauma that started it all

The Buddha trauma ..

I don't have time to make that cool pattern and aesthetically pleasing sellable page.

I do have time to ask you to look deep into the limitless possibilities of life.

Of the keys within your trauma.

Of how one little boy spent his whole life into manhood, teaching the bliss of ending suffering based on his most powerful childhood trauma.

Yes! You have heard of the buddha killing the tiger of ignorance, seeing a sick man, death, poverty and running off into the forest for 7 years or so etc etc.

Many can recite his sayings & #quotes

The Buddha's mother died. Shortly after his birth.

Now that we have such high tech & advancements in psychology we can acknowledge

That the Buddha's earliest trauma is what set the direction of his perspective. He saught to heal the absence of that mother, the healer the nurturer.

He saught out that balance of course he did and would. He might have been the Buddha but he was human.

What was your earliest trauma?

You want a question...well that's it.

What have you been trying to heal your whole life, why were you out of balance, how can you get back to center? He created The middle path a path that would set the course for a world #philosophy.

What will you DO with yours?

What was your earliest trauma that shaped your life your mind, so that you would create a world around yourself since the toddler years based on indeed how you thought and felt?

What trauma can you use to create a path as powerful and long lasting as the Buddha's?

What will you do with your pain once you stop suppressing it? Written by Shakti Durga

Much more to that in New Blogs going up at


8 week meditations to breath &

I guide you heal yourself by receiving

Unraveling the conditioning

#online & inperson #offerings

(If under psychiatric care or taking strong meds I must speak with your mental health practitioner because I am very legit. Spiritual practices can open up things you may not be ready for. not the average #spiritual IGr)

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