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Two Full moons 2 sweet intimate events

For the EDC family for yogis, poi tribe, for a night out, for a detox, something new.

For the experience.

Kava, mocktails, kratom, cbd drinks, kombucha, hookah, out door space, open space, pool table, a night of healing, ecstatic dance along with intro breath movement flow!, Insane jungle animal spirit inspired music, dress like your animal spirit or dipped in glitter.

Laying of Hands

Reiki chair station Reiki Master Joe

Sound Healing and medicine woman, guide and beautiful kindred one

Doing out Soundbath

Sentientity on soundcloud and divine


Crystal table,

Tarot maestro being with

Outwardly perspective the Conjuring one himself


(Links to all others coming soon)

A night to Howl and drink that moon nectar while sipping on cocktail flavored Kava (they don't have alcohol just zen)

November 29th 7pm


FB event page up soon

Follow me or Suva

But cleanse baby! cleanse feel it! Capacity minimum if necessary Safety first

Suva Kava Speakeasy & lounge #casselberryfl

🌠🦸‍♂️ Kava Crawl incentives get to see the different shades and vibes of each Kava Lounge in this little area going on towards UCF

Get a little Krunk responsibly plus experience new delicious flavors, infusions, teas and create another sacred space to just #be

Come Join Us and let's create Magic

#kavakava #kavabar #ecstaticdanceorlando


#yogi #tarotreader #eventsflorida


#fullmoonevents #healthylifestyle


#tribe #igersorlando #jaguar #moon #trending #poweranimal #edcorlando