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Unraveling Conditioning

Taking a nice seat and getting comfy. 

Come into presence. Presence of the mind of your heart of your breath. 

As you read, the mind will have all sorts of opinions and comments. 

However the reader in presence can always take a deep breath and gently say

"No no mind not right now I am HERE now"

This will take a moment requiring your presence. And so a great tool for doing that little bit of steering and adjust the attention dial. 

Many people ask about liberation and how I live my life and how others much different than I manage to do as well in such an inner peace Liberated manner.

Liberation can be as easy as dropping everything and forgetting all you have learned and starting over. Most of the sacred text and philosophies have noted that for hundreds of years now. Just drop it all ...

Leave it all behind

Die unto yourself

With the mind of a child

Let go 


Experience life itself through your own lenses

Know thyself

When you want to observe the mind don't use the brain

When you want to see 

Don't use your physical eyes and 

When you want to express 

Your true nature don't be limited by words

It is in theory a nice thought to just drop it all and do a U-turn ↪️ and switch gears 

I can speak my truth don't give a shit 


But of course it ends up being much more of a challenge and opportunity for growth. 

It can be easy but normally takes at the very least, courage.

It can indeed change your whole entire life. 

But not without introspection, courage and reflection .. contemplation and so on. 

It's just an inevitable part of the process. It is a process to unwind and unravel just like it was to get you to the point that you felt the rope of all around your being placed too tight. 

When we ease up and take a step back we wanna go back to the beginning. 

A very good place to start .

I have been mentioning how the conditioning began before your soft spot was even closed on your head in my latest promos and social media posts because that is indeed, how far we have to take it.

That's why I said get comfy and have fun taking the opportunity of owning your mind for a moment. 

When you popped out into this world many things were already set in stone for you to a certain extent. 

Things you had no control over at age 2 months. 

You actually had to figure some rules and limitations out, way before you knew what they were or what the word No meant. 

Although even then you had a survival instinct and we're fully aware of many other things.

You learned the kind of surroundings you were in real fast. 

You recognized energies, knew exactly who liked babies and who didn't, you knew what you were comfortable with and in and what you were not comfortable with although at times those beginning boundaries were crossed.

You had a natural individuality that shone through. 

Either you were a loud and wide awake little human or you expressed yourself by pulling and yanking on things or by crying or making sounds. 

You expressed yourself in your own way, way before you heard "say Mama say Papa" and learned how to accept it and repeat it.

 At an early age your individual little ways were shifted into ways that would not "bother" others, molded into ways that were cute and accepted, shifted into ways that others could understand easier in order to have the family unit as comfortable as possible.

Or in some cases ahHa everyone in the house began talking baby talk and no one acted like their true selves instead practiced imitating and waving the baby on. Lol

In other households the environment may have been a ~fend for yourself

environearlyment early on. 

It may have been a place where crying for survival did not matter. 

The baby could cry an hour or more cry himself or herself to sleep that it didn't matter. 

That would definitely quiet anyone's inner voice, or at least curb and mold real fast how and why that developing human turns into an adult with bad "communication" skills. 

Not the ONLY reason mind you, am using pretty common examples based on trauma stories, personal experience with people and things you can actually grasp and get at least a slight visual of these examples that shape the way most of us start out.

It can even be an over protective or smothering environment ...in some way it molded you before you could speak.

Other things to note are the household and environmental changes as that person grows and develops through that childhood stage. 

Do people in the house communicate and express themselves?

Some households are very 

"You don't say things like that ..sshh" very early on. 

Parents never heard or scene arguing as they would argue only when alone. 

In other households no one had a say unless it was the father and he was abusive. He lacked communicating and the rest grew up unable to or shut down, 

with no tools to express themselves in the future. 

While in some houses a parent was an alcoholic or in others there might have been narcissist parents or over achieving parents with stifled dreams and unspoken truths themselves or with too much preoccupation in only talking about themselves and not having an interest in anyone else.

It is all of it coming at ya fast molding that brain just right, either with silk gentle hands of a sculptor or with the hands of a slaughter house maestro. 

Get the picture?

Now go back in peace and with a shit load of compassion for yourself and others begin discovering what you missed about the star of the show.

Go back and keep only what serves you. 

How long have you been believing things are better for you based on the limitations of the household, culture and society that raised you? 

How long have you been seeing through the lenses of others, speaking in the words of others, loving according to others, living according to others? 

It's ok. It's an essential part of life that can serve you so very much. It got you this far and caused you to question, it serves as a starting point and begining point of the journey. 

But the most valuable thing about it is that you can also in contemplation dig deep to find answers 

Were you a rowdy baby?

Were you late to speak?

If so how did you spend your "quiet" time

What did you do to express yourself to the world?

Were you very logical and more about building and creating other worlds?

Were you visionary early on?

Did you get angry easy? How did you express that anger?

Did you cry alot? 

Were you overly sensitive?

Competitive at age 2 lol?

Did you dance around the house?

Were you normally comfortable alone and solitary, drawing or playing or reading solo in some nook ? 

In observation we can get traces of parts of us that we perhaps did not suppress but were suppressed by others or by our environment. 

At certain points the inner journey gets intense as hell but for parts like this I tell people to keep that "explorer" attitude. 

Keep a wide open mind in order to receive as much as possible from that memory bank. Remember all is a tool.

The mind the memories the emotions and the ego.

In the process of liberating yourself from conditioning the approach must be a transparent one, a compassionate and self loving one. 

Forgive yourself if in the process you begin to find things that you were unable to do because of your conditioning. 

And Conditioning is a popular word these days but it really is on point! 

So much of who we are and what we like is based on others and on a sad but real note: 

many people raising families are not confident, stable, loving and understanding with high emotional intelligence. 

Basically handle with Care and practice that self love. 

You practice self love and compassion towards self by doing it !

Action to non action.

Forgive yourself for the thoughts the words the actions and have courage to explore yourself 

You may find that you are better at expressing yourself through songs or music, writing, or doing certain things to show you care and are grateful or excited verses saying it. 

You may find some things aren't and never were as meaningful to you as they were to others in your family or network. 

And you will find many more things. 

Now here comes the big part and call to action

Now you will have to figure out 

How would the real you express him or herself?

Just follow general good human guidelines

Be mindful of yourself and others

Compassionate as much as you can with yourself and it will overflow

Be honest and set boundaries, laugh hollar or moan while allowing yourself to fuck up at doing this. 

In the beginning your compassion for self will be tested by fucking up and that's ok. 

Just do it anyway express yourself with what ya got and be honest.

" Look I am new at this speaking my truth and all that but I can not...."

"I feel uncomfortable with ...."

"That has really been something I have had to heal and am not ready to talk about it but I can say this ..."


"please forgive me if I come out too harsh but am new at this however I want to find my own way in this communication deal and in this world finally' 

 Open yourself up to yourself first though and how we express and communicate is a very key part of the inner journey to liberation. 

It also gets us to express and communicate with ourselves with purpose and intent. 

It gets us to practice and do what we may wish to do for others, for ourselves first. 

This is a tool you may use on your journey 

You can expand it. 

Take it deeper ..let's talk about sex 😋

You can forget all you learned after your first time having sex. Whether it was a good, bad or sad. Renew and revive expand what good you already experienced take it from good to amazing

Or from suffocated, not satisfied to fulfilled.

So go back to the memory tool bank 

How did you originally feel about sex?

How did that taint your outlook and attitude about the first experience?

If the first was a good one or if after you simply got into the playing field of sex

Who were you originally?

What was it like for you the 3rd the 4th time?

How much of that was yours?

Were you a curious lover?

Did something happen to stifle that curious nature?

As you grew and went along how much was your pure nature and how much became basically adopted behavior?

Culture and society and porn and media?

At times people haven't sexually experienced half of the things they watch to know what something aside from the fantasy would be like. 

At times people have opinions about good sex but those may be based on stamina 





And then curved or exaggerated to meet the needs of society.

Maybe a person can go all night alot for a while weekend but he or she doesn't need to have it once a day or once a week even yet deep inside he)she knows it's good for him or her at the time. 

Yet that may not be voiced or expressed because the person has no need to however it may be looked at by others who have even less sex as not good enough because they are measuring what they don't even have to the "supposed Good" of others  and so on. 

Not worth it to hear other people's noise forever 

Life is too short. 

.might as well show up as your true self and enjoy what was awaiting you. 

This can be used as a tool through out the journey for endless things.

But yes

How would you fuck without all that noise in your head and without the eyes of others seeing for you?

What would be beautiful to you~ truly beautiful for you ~feel beautiful~ touch you beautiful? What would be beautiful without that word being defined by others? 

It's a long rabbit hole but one that is absolutely great, worthwhile and well done of us believe that why not live according to our highest deepest truths.

And allow for those to change as you go but through your own personal experience and feelings/emotions 

Listening to the gut mind and expressing through the heart using the


The ego

The emotions all as a tool. 

Totally worth it to show up at the greatest dhow on Earth

Your life

Much love and respect to your paths


©2020 Shakti Durga Healing Arts 🌻

Add ons some of the teachings passed on knowledge drops from Social media for those who scrolled by and for those who I know don't have social media :

Tantra teaches that reality is created through the unity of energy and consciousness and through the unity of the divine female principle of shakti and the divine male principle of shiva. The connection of energy and consciousness in our hearts, sex and spirits creates a magical force which we can use to invite ourselves into creative, loving and blissful reality.

It's a journey into tantric approach to life and tantric sexuality. A journey to liberate consciousness from self-consciousness, to release aliveness from the prison of shame guilt and fear. A journey which empowers you in following the authority of your own heart and your inner guidance. A journey between the worlds of earth and heaven, of body and spirit, of energy and consciousness which shows you your potential for expansion to embrace and include all polarities – a journey beyond duality. A journey to realize your body as your temple and that you are an incarnated sacred being. A journey to heal pain and open yourself to beauty and pleasure. A journey to restore the sacred to the body and passion to the spirit. ( From one of my teachers John Hawken. Path of Transformation)

Depending the point of perspective we are all right and all wrong.

Embrace the differences

Between yourself and your partner

Deep within yourself between who you were yesterday and who you are today.

Stop saying you can't let go when you have let go so many times

Let go of who they told you were and embrace above all your differences with love and compassion vs hide and suppressing them.

I love different cultures

The traditions and the emotional vibe, how some are open and loud others very deep set and how in some spaces you will always be an observer and that be ok.

I love the differences in the members of my family and in the differences I find deeper similarities.

I love the differences in myself from others

Even my lingo be eclectic and I am always a bit out on left field ..am an instigator at my worst lol I admit I say things at times just to watch people react. Am tough as nails for pain like insane level tolerance but a song will make me cry like

ICP's falling apart 😜 true story ..it reminded me of 2 weeks alone when I trancended pain ...

I love solitude for when in crowds I sweat far too much 😜😂😅

I love how all is different and yet Life is the common thread and that be the strongest of all

Existence existing in all the ways it desires and In patterns of course.

What are the differences that make your spine tingle~

What Things make you smile that are uncomfortable at times but cool when you look back.

What are the differences you embrace in yourself ...start with you. Love everything about yourself.

End internal wars

The Path is you that's why the path rises up to meet you in parables and the Master arrives when the student is ready.

You are the guru

Conditioning has turned into a big word in my circles, not just in the Self help self love, better living but in the intelligence webs, in the scientific

technology developments & vividly seen in the reactions of the masses when not happy & seemingly not knowing what to do in order to achieve that which they so long to achieve and create.

#Conditioning isn't done through one evil wicked wizard. It is a gentle process like a very quiet intruder in the night, it creeps.

It is noted by many

Through out history and now in current writings and observations

Our attention plus the attachment to negative conditions that we may be experiencing adds weight to our emotional baggage.

Dr. Jacinta Mpalyenkana, PhD, MBA

The reflection of the current social paradigm tells us we are largely determined by conditioning and conditions.

#StephenRCovey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:

In my Shamanic Tantra classes we start with the elements and even in the ONLYFANS course on sexuality we cross over into this because it is also about having sex however As YOU truly are and at your highest self level which can not be at it's highest with the weighted baggage of conditioning. Which happens, happened to all.

But also does not suit the collective when trying to bring about change.

Change in your life

The bedroom

Your community your world

#Curiosity & exploring your own terrain going into that inner journey of unraveling the conditioning is hard although one big huge event can shatter it all & then comes the difficult & fun part of reinventing yourself your way!

#Change can not happen within or outside without courage and all that you are asking of others you must find within yourself towards yourself

👉 but also destruction is not the way instead transformation & creating of systems educational & otherwise that support free thinking.

Start simply with YOUR life your inner circle.

I challenge you to begin unraveling the conditioning.

And Finally who do I work with


People ask based on not reading whole posts or not cognitively embracing the true message,

If I have and only encounter weak men?

No my posts are not because I have had what other men call pussy soy men


My posts & work are about & for those that come to me with courage.

Men and women

PTSD military

Young millennials that were raised on tech and that feel disconnected and righteously so.

People who had highly successful father's who they could not admit failure to and who then rose very high but not on their terms

Men and women who are tired of feeling the comparison or the guilt and shame over porn or over their not being themselves with their partners

People with very real

👉Ascension issues (night terrors, nervous and anxious empathic ones, people who know they manifest on point! But want to own that skill, hone it. People who sense there is more.

People who don't just want to trip balls but want to navigate the illusion.

Extreme sports athletes that want to feel that Rush of being on the mountain all the time!

People who have good sex and want great

People who enjoy the orgasm and sense it IS more

Those that even go to the ONLYFANS & stay are about more. About substance within

C'mon like I said it's called sexual Kung Fu for a reason

Because it requires the self dedication

discipline of Kung Fu

You learn to own the mind while self loving

👉You learn to own your mind


👉Your sexual energy

Use it for healing health increasing testosterone while balancing the divine feminine within

They go through

Learning to take what serves and what they Resonate with to develop their own path not a cookie cutter certification.

At times, many times I will not continue contact with a client or any individual because

"Only feed open mouths open minds" were my teachers words

But weak. No. Conditioned maybe. If you are on the journey to self. That be a revolution in and of itself.

Much love Shakti

©2020 Shakti Durga Healing Arts 🌻