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Unraveling conditioning

Three videos all audio

Placed in a YouTube channel I set up just to have the Videos for Blog you can get to videos with the links specific links


👉So it can be an easy access and since I don't have unlimited video time on this website yet it makes it am easy access alternative.

And free for me because I will upgrade to unlimited video in 2021 once we settle into totally new space out of the country

With my lovely Quan 🤗😜😉

So here we go

Parts 1,2,3 all about 30 minutes long

Starting from the Bottom going up


And a little bit on another part of my Shamanic path

A post I did on Instagram regarding Death Assistance

Shamanism involves a belief that we create our reality on the earth. You might be familiar with this concept & may well have experienced the life-altering effects of changing your life by the way you choose to see your own reality. What you may not have considered is that this altering of reality through our change in attitude&energy extends into the afterlife. In other words, we create our continuing reality after our soul leaves the body. This is done through our belief system. Just as our belief system determines our current reality, it will also determine the direction and nature of our future existence.

For many people this is understandably a traumatic moment & a transition that might be fraught with fear&anxiety, but the lessons of shamanism can provide a perspective that differs significantly from the traditional Western view of death & dying, which is characterized by the finality of an “ending.” The key to unlocking the mysteries of existence lies in the understanding of the continuity of life and the eternal nature of the soul. Mystery—that wonderful realm of what we sense is there, strive to know, and replicate in our creativity—is the defining nature of spirituality & certainly the essence of our transitional experiences.


#CarlSagan noted

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

#Shamanism offers a way to know the soul as an eternal shape shifter, endlessly regenerating into limitless forms—some human, some not. Jan-Engels-Smith

Part of the Shamanic work is #Death Assistance. Not in the assisted Suicide way but in a very profound way.

The tradition was used by many cultures. The Buddha had one by his side, many throughout history would have one see them through and into the transition.

I take all my students through a death journey which I recommend all do because even those of us who have had near death experiences forget the blessedness of this precious experience.

This to me is a long lost

#Art and something many need. However another part of Shamanism that many are also not familiar with

Listed in my free offerings


#soulgrowth #crossingover #tao #zen #transformation #attraction