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Unraveling the Conditioning Shamanic & Vama Marga

This is the great era of shamanism, and what is shamanism but philosophy with a ‘hands on’ attitude?  Philosophy not made around a campfire, but philosophy based on the acquisition of extreme experience.  That’s how you figure out what the world is.  Not by bicycling around in the ‘burbs, but by forcing extreme experience.  The reason people refer to psychedelic endeavors with the vocabulary of travel—taking a trip and so on—is because that is an extreme endeavor.  It’s the same endeavor.  It’s the leaving behind of the values of your own culture.  Take nothing but a change of clothes, fly to Benares, and take up residence at Dashashwamedh Ghat among the Charas Shaivites, and I guarantee you, whether you resort to psychedelics or not, you will experience boundary dissolution, a reorientating of categories, and a reframing of your perspective on your life and your being.  So extreme experience is the necessary key.  This is true in all forms of endeavor.  If you want to understand the atom, you have to smash it.  Sitting around looking at it, it will never yield its secrets.  You have to smash that sucker to bits and then collect the pieces and then examine exactly how it all came apart.  In the same way, and without going too far afield for the pun, we must smash ordinary consciousness—get smashed—and then look at the pieces flying in all directions. Terence McKenna

Poets, it’s said, are shamans of words. True shamans are poets of consciousness. Journeying into a deeper reality with the aid of sung and spoken poetry, they bring back energy and healing through poetic acts, shapeshifting physical systems. When we dream, we tap directly into the same creative source from which poets and shamans derive their gifts. When we create from our dreams, and enter dreamlike flow, we become poets and artists. When we act to bring the energy and imagery of dreams into physical reality, we become poets of consciousness and infuse our world with magic. Robert Moss

_________________________ from my end of the spectrum__________

Shamanism is in my lineage my beautiful granny was a wonderful bliss of a woman.

She would tell stories of talking to the dead and would explain so calmly their desires to cleanse and resolve things from the grave.

She knew what the weather would bring mainly by the actions of the animals.

And I would get to visit her in the summers. The only funny thing was that she would tell the stories of talking to the dead before bedtime and I was just a kid. However, as scary as it was at first later on and in my later years I realized that that had a lot to do with my comfort with death.

It was a crossing over into another phase/stage of life for her.

I do Shamanic death assistance as expressed in a previous post but the Shamanic for me is not just one thing that you do, it is a way of life and your own nature. The combination of the Vama Marga Tantra and Shamanic came because in many ways and levels they over lapped.

The presence we have in Vama Marga is one that is absolute in Shamanism.

Many who are in tune have noticed how I navigate not only this illusion but the other worlds around us.

It sounds silly or insane doesn't it at times but there are other worlds.

Every human being walking down the street is literally in his own world.

Seeing the color red or black as a color or Ina shade most unique to him or her. Everyone hears different things.

When out in nature one person will hear even the walking sticks while another is driven mad by the constant chirping of the birds and another will find it too quiet and almost as painful as they perceive silence ...meaning the loneliness of silence. All are in different worlds.

To some this is a great big bountiful happy world while to another it is pure hell, famine, illness and pain.

To one person people are just bodies with price tags and all have a price to another people are pigs or all out to get him.

There are many worlds out there no matter how much we have in common.

For each animal a different today. Some hold memories others do not.

Some are solitary others have a pride, pack or flock.

Each of their world is different and one animal used to his environment he was meant to be in feels pure death when taken out of it to go into another animal's environment.

A lion would not do well on a Shamu tank.

Many many beautiful worlds. All interconnected overlapping overlays that seem like perfect order but in actuality are much more chaos dancing.


Little by little you must create a fog around yourself; you must erase everything around you until nothing can be taken for granted, until nothing is any longer for sure, or real. Your problem now is that you’re too real. Your endeavors are too real; your moods are too real. Don’t take things so for granted. You must begin to erase yourself.

We only have two alternatives; we either take everything for sure and real, or we don’t. If we follow the first, we end up bored to death with ourselves and with the world. If we follow the second and erase personal history, we create a fog around us, a very exciting and mysterious state in which nobody knows where the rabbit will pop out, not even ourselves. Carlos Castaneda

For me ...♥️

In Vama Marga Tantra and in Tantra in general we own the mind.

We do not take all it says and rambles on about as gold.

We grow to understand that the mind is limited. It sees that which it recognizes and what it recognizes is limited to what it's been taught or has seen through the person having the Experience. It reacts and saves memories many times polutting the facts with emotional reaction tainted facts. And other times it can not even remember the facts and instead remembers what it's reactions were and even that can be jaded based on its mental health.

The mind is used as a tool in Tantra and in the Shamanic. The Shaman understands that he 9r she is not the mind.

In Vama Marga Tantra we are very esoteric and mystic. It is a branch of tantra that is deeper into the ritualistic not as a slavery like dependency on it. The tantric is aware that he or she is the pure vessel of magic. The ritualistic is more so because of that expansion of the act itself. Going beyond the limitations and having a union of bodies as a symbolic representation and embodiment of the sacred masculine and divine feminine supreme energies of the world and existence itself.

In Shamanism we are ritualistic as well. The tools used may be for example a leaf of a plant but we understand that within that leaf is part of the spirit of the plant, the plants essence and so if the plant grows as a vine and travels so to speak, we too can bring that traveling flow nature into our path and use that for the safety ofourselves or another traveler. To be more intune and adopt the properties of that plant or of an animal. Let's say we wish to find out deep secrets or explore the depths of someone then on that case we can connect with our brother the whale as he goes deep into the depths of the oceans and has properties that assist him to see in the dark waters, which may be exactly what is need at the time.

There are differences indeed like all. But there are for more similarities in the world's and history of Vama Marga Tantra and the Shamanic.

We will begin to dive into these more for both help dramatically in the Unraveling of the conditioning.

They are both amazing tools to use in the navigation of the illusion and of the worlds of our lovers, loved ones and the nature that not only is around us but that we are.

Since a new offering will be offered online

Unraveling the conditioning through the shamanic I wanted to begin by expressing the similarities between the practices and philosophies oglf the ancient paths I walk.

And then ease into the beautiful art of life that is the shamanic and how we can use it when reinventing ourselves and rising as new sacred masculines and divine feminines with new purposes in the creating of the moment that is

The now.

The eternal

And the illusions among us.

Down the rabbit holes we go oooooooo

Ya didn't think there was just one did you?

Now that my eyes are better the blog will be far more active and with most online the free knowledge drops here seem to be vital for not just my personal world sharing for students and travelers but also for passers by that may just want a little direction ..realignment or something to pick up and resonate with.

There are still in person shamanic journeys with and without plant medicine depending on legalities for some medicine and womb healings or past life where available due to travels too of course but mainly all is moving into the online forum until we settle into a sweet small cozy retreat space with quality but at a price accessible to most as is my path.

The mighty dollar is great and making peace with money is important as it is energy but the shamanic and tantric for me is my path and a way in which I choose to live my eternal life not just my job or gig.

It is something I share of myself. But no matter where I am the mountain is within me and am solitary to some but never alone. No never. How can we be with all that is around us and running through us.

Energy is what we are and alone is not really a term for an energetic being. Human words are limiting. Always much more about it all when we expand.


Into the all that you are.


Life is a mystery and you are life itself.

Much love Shakti

©2020 ShaktiDurga Healing Arts 🌻