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Updated Amazon Tribe Product list

USA Domestic shipping only. I am a simple Shaman, online classes and journeys yes but products are not manufactured in warehouses and all is limited. Made just for the person when it comes to the special meditation that comes with these.

ALL PLANTS ARE ORGANIC, NON GMO, PURE, CHANTED TO, GROWN BY AMAZON JUNGLE TRIBES AND HAVE MAPACHO TOBACCO If You need the Self Administrator the device used to do this great medicine, I have a few Bamboo and Amazon ones but not many for $40 and can send pictures. These are straight from the tribe so quantities vary and when they run out they run out. Till next visit or harvest. *Please email Comments, Questions, Product name include quantity, must have quantity and We will verify when sending you invoice with payment total so you can pay & you will be notified when shipped. Hape/rape'h/ Amazonian snuff is absolutely legal but if you do not purchase here do be careful. I was sold Sananga drops by a horrible person on Etsy that did not care about harming and causing more damage to me when I was going blind. UPDATED LIST OF RAPÉ CHOICES: 1. KATUKINA (tribe) PAU PEREIRA - The Pau Pereira plant and the rapéh are used in various indigenous traditions of the Amazon basin, and it is considered one of the top 10 most important Brazilian medicinal plants. For psychic health, it is indicated for anxiety because it brings clarity and returns the person to the present moment. It is a strong and traditional medicine, that harnesses the element of fire which is very powerful. It is to be used with respect and intention. It is a plant that contains DMT, and in large quantities can provoke an entheogen journey. 2. NUKINI (tribe) MARACHIMBE - From the Nukini tribe, this blend comes with a strong spirit. Nukini blends are known for opening your third eye to receive messages or clarity. They are stronger and more sensational than other blends. This blend has the perfect balance of yopo in it, which is a powerful entheogen, so you can get access to the healing properties of the Divine yet remain grounded. This rapéh is perfect for sitting with a specific problem that you would like guidance on. 3. KUNTANAWA (tribe) AYAHUASCA - This special blend is made with the vine and leaf that are used to make ayahuasca medicine. This blend does not have entheogenic qualities, but it carries a lot of the strength of the medicine and will guide you on your journey. This blend is quite strong and sensational and will get you into your body immediately. This blend is best for you if you feel you need a little extra support. Great mixed with Pau Pereira for entheogenic experience. 4. PUYANAWA (tribe) PARIKA- is a rape for strong meditation as it contains the principle of Aya. Made from the bark of the Parika, this rape is to be used with responsibility, as all rapes are, but particularly the Parika as it is used Mainly by the pajé (medicine man/shaman) of the tribes to increase his/her powers as a healer/ to diagnose illnesses and put you in touch with the Great Spirit. Among the karimé Indians, pariká is called kokoíme. And kokoíme is also the name of the Great Mountain Spirit, who lives on this plant. It is enough snuff to receive a portion of that spirit and its exceptional strengths. During the ceremonial consumption of the kokoíme, the pajé talks to the spirits. 5. . PUYANAWA (tribe) MARAPUAMA - is most commonly known as a libido enhancer/ aphrodisiac and central nervous system stimulant. It tonifies muscle mass, stimulates circulation, and is an anti-depressant. A rape’ made with flowers of this plant is the greatest vital expression of Marapuama. It is medicine that uplifts and inspires, and brings great vitality! 6. SHANENAWA (tribe) CANELEIRO - The Caneleiro is a plant often used to make tea for joints and pain, and those healing powers exist in the rapé as well. Traditionally, this blend helps people with arthritis and other joint pain, as it balances energy and makes room for expansion. If you’re ready to expand in any areas of your life, this is a great blend for you. 7. KAXINAWA (tribe) IMBURANA - has a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory quality and has a special affinity for the lungs. This makes it a good medicine for any respiratory problems, or emotional blockages related to grief or sadness. It helps in oxygenating the physical body because of its bronchodilator quality, It is aromatic and a great hape for meditative practices. 8. NUKINI (tribe) 7 STARS - Xiti Nukini is the shaman who made this blend. It is fruity with fresh minty tones, powerful but smooth. These herbs lift the spirit, and are used in other preparations for spiritual cleansing and sometimes as a natural analgesic. Tsunu ash is used in this blend. 9. KUNTANAWA (tribe) COURAGE - This blend has Tsunu ash and Lourinho herb which in tradition is used for spiritual cleansing. This blend will give you courage and strength for whatever journey you’re facing. Sananga eye drops (gets rid of cataracts/glaucoma and improves vision) with enough use, can correct vision to 20/20 but it is extremely painful, no psychedelic effect. Made by amazon jungle shamans. RAPÉ prices: $20 for 1g, $30 for 2g, $40 for 3g, $50 for 4g, $60 for 5g, $70 for 7g, $80 for 10g Selling Dowsing Rods for $40, Dowsing Rods with customizable plant based resin orgonite on each rod for $60 total. Also have customizable or/premade plant based resin Orgonite pyramids, cones, flower of life pucks, pendants, ANTI-EMF phone pieces. COMING SOON!! ASTHMA Fighting Herbal Blend Cigarettes/ addiction packages for quitting tobacco smoke starting with organic mapacho mixed with smoking herbs to a ween off to just herbal cigarettes. Show quoted text