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Who defined it all ?

Who defined it all for You? Who defined GOD for you?

The day I believed in God

God was created. If I believed in him based on the definitions of others, then what I was able to perceive when anything God~like would reveal itself to me depended on the definition of others. When going into science & philosophy, and crushed into pieces by life, I stumbled upon something that made me drop to my knees and see the beloved within. Within My minds eye souls eye heart eye. It was not close to what had been defined by any. It was not anything words could do justice. And it was and is , when I saw it It saw me. When I see it It sees me. There is no life or death and there is all. Love hate greed filth all parts of itself. All itself. The definitions are limiting. All imagined has been and is.

This be far far greater and so very obvious and subtle it escapes you.

Who defined it all for You? Who defined GOD for you?


That was fromva post on Instagram.

Now to continue ~

Drum roll and confetti please. 🥁

In the purest moment of birth you were absolutely surrendered to what was happening. Freaked out perhaps but you were being pushed out or pulled out and you didn't block it prevent it even if you were breach once it was time to go it was time to go .. surrendered.

You were not in any one belief. You saw All with awe.

You were peaked and yet on Neutral.

On neutral because at times was scary, at times was inviting, seducing, cold, hit or windy and eyes would blink and being held felt comforting and All was indeed in some shape or form "Godly"!

It was!

If you were held and spun around it was a true authentic roller coaster park on dad's shoulders.

If you were yelled at you frowned or cried and felt it all loud and clear or you already showed valor or your own way by not crying and by looking down of up or out. Your innocent vast limitless space was prime realty for parking the thought cars of others.

Never were you limiting the beauty of the experience and if you touched fire you were burnt or simply experienced the heat and moved on.

But you still were in awe of it.

You saw it as beyond words and power.

You felt it.

You experienced it full blast.

All was perhaps in fragments or as a whole and everything as an unmarked infant.

Now too soon we Rob humans the gift of that

Now days toddlers of 1 yr upon the planet are looking at and comparing it all, imitating so young and early

Imitation before discovery. Just an observation but can't be good. Such an early limitation to the true vastness of the human psyche consciousness, soul, mind.

At any rate the meaning, the definition of godly of super human beyond human is given to you.

You are given its definition as you were given the definition to all.

The names and labels of however many levels your tour guide to Earth Mom and dad were aware of.

Whatever they saw you began to see.

.whatever they defined, you knew.

Whatever the society, culture around you defined that you so adopted into yourself.

True at later ages you chose. ..you chose but based on what?

Based on what in truth what were your choices based on because even in truth if you were to have acted the opposite of what your family believed and defined you were still


By their definition

From their definition.from their starting point.

You acted the opposite or differently from their pattern but still a pattern creating within a pattern.

So there again.

Who defined it all for you?

We're they right or wrong?

You don't know.

I posted another on about defining define defined

Today I woke up as tradition with my gratitude affirmations and my morning meditation way before the sun.

And around 9 am did not have such great news did not have fantastic external situations.

But you see that doesn't affect my happiness.

Why should it?


My happiness is not something that Can ever be affected any longer since a while now by the external.

Not because I AM that spiritual or that holier than though or that good at anything.

It is because anything external can only keep me perhaps from dancing around laughing if for example: the conditions or the day call for my respect of others and the suffering of others or if a chaotic war zone broke out or if a family member was to get sick.

The way in which I express my happiness is indeed affected by the external of course, but only due to respect & observation of proper loving compassionate behavior at the time.

However my being genuinely happy to just be alive is not.

My happiness is also there when in extreme pain. Why? Because in my book if I feel pain then I still have a chance it means I am still alive.

My happiness is in a most neutral state

Able to be without the limitations of the measure of others.

💪I need not laugh and perform the actions that others define as BEING happy & happiness as

I need not do anything

I just am

Happy just because

No cheesy smile necessary for the approval of others

So that others see a smile and therefore know I am happy & comfortable ...nothing is needed.

My relatives know even in pain I am happy and grateful.


Allow yourself to be happy AND NOT ACCORDING


you just may stumble upon that happiness that has alluded you but has always been.

Do that for all emotions.

For all you truly are

And you will find that you are calm and happy

Like a calm lake in the middle of the chaos of all that is nature.


unravel your conditioning


Who took over defining that?

Making you feel guilty of even looking at your own body at times. Which in some cases of course the passing on of appropriate manners but still room to explore the damage this does as well.

If looked at as an act you enjoyed being deemed disgusting then a bit if weight that carries.

You knew if you liked things and enjoyed being around certain things, in the energy of this or that, you laughed and laughing itself by itself for no particular

I repeat

No particular reason or at a spec6 time.

If a man said he was going to tell you a joke and just from seeing his face come at your baby self you felt the urge to laugh then you did.

You didn't wait for him to tell a horrible joke and then in order to make him feel better. ..you laughed.

Pretending to be happy over and over you begin to forget what true happiness is.

You begin to believe that making people feel comfortable or

perhaps even better

Means you are a good person and liked and so happy.

You see

The thoughts and actions



Experiences of others

Feelings of others and you sense these

All defining what you believe success to be

And if you do not have that

Or those things and conditions then

No success and if no success no happiness

You don't deserve it

You are not happy

And if you were you may not recognize it.

Happiness was defined and limited not

With the intent to harm you but with no harm intended at all.

In somehorrific case some have known the power behind training a mind and the power of the mind in general.

Own a mind is quite awe inspiring

Beyond words when in awareness

For it is a powerful tool

Those that manipulated knowledge early on because of this awareness, one perhaps can not blame.

Some have used the knowledge of more direct not subliminal not slow not ancestral or cultural to do harm to others.

You owning your mind is possible.


Living in Neutrality is possible.

All wrote about getting there but we are there.

We are shedding an old system which we have outgrown and building a new.

It is about all of the manipulated history, media, break down, shake down and knocking humanity on its knees

But introspection breaks down those barriers however no need to make it so cookie cutter complex just to sell.

Who defined it all for you?

How was it all defined

From where


...through actions, words, behavior.

This way you yoo

know where to start from just like media and new power hungry lab rat producing companies and political powers do when they continue wearing you down to nothing.

You start from there and drop that first then you keep going and begin a new.

It is possible to be happy and be exactly what you are.

To not define God or happiness by the terms of others but instead your own.

It is possible without going mad or being unattached and poor bald and hungry.

It is all that is the all.

It is nothing that is everything.

God you see as power force filled white light

And though many try to accept the darkness as part of the light~ the embedded feelings and triggered beliefs still have to be released in order to accept the reality of that which you live and see and are.






Beyond limitations because your life

Your path is discovery itself

We journey past life or chakra energetic journey or do shamanic breath or have a dialogue but if you are on this pure beloved path

Do feel free to reach out and explore this all from a shamanic realm and perspective.from a shamanic tantric way

It can be called Tantra in the purest way expressed.


Going beyond




The sound

The replication

Shamanic because it all uses that which you are for Transcendence through the Body (TM)

All segments of it helping you to see the bigger and bigger picture within yourself.

I can not describe with mere words the power of expressing yourself as yourself being life itself.

You meet someone

Your self

You feel alive

I teach although I'm my path we say egoless ..I pass on teachings as this this through the Taoist and blended ways on onlyfans in an absolute physical transcendence through the body.

Using the sexual energy and rawness.

Why? Because if one can transcend the sexual limitations one will transcend the mental, physical and spiritual limitations.

It is just pure fact.

Very ego driven challenges met and faced but because it is raw energy it is very powerful. A most powerful way to ascend or grow or simply be a better more intune lover.

I pass on healing and guidance through my sessions and the classes offered

Unraveling the conditioning

Free thinkers wanted

Seek but stay not a seeker

Transcend from seeking to being guided


©2020 Shakti Durga Healing Arts 🌻